Effective Digital Signage Campaigns in Transportation Hubs

Elva Mankin

In an era driven by technology, traditional static signs are being rapidly replaced by dynamic and interactive digital signage systems, revolutionizing the way we communicate, navigate, and interact within public spaces. Transportation hubs, bustling centers of activity where thousands of travelers converge daily, have emerged as a prime arena for […]

12 Biggest Computer Hardware Companies in the World

Elva Mankin

In this article, we discuss the 12 biggest computer hardware companies in the world. If you want to skip our comprehensive analysis of these stocks, go directly to 5 Biggest Computer Hardware Companies in the World.  According to the Computer Hardware Global Market Report 2022, the global market for computer […]

Did my computer say it best?

Elva Mankin

Research finds trust in algorithmic advice from computers can blind us to mistakes With autocorrect and auto-generated email responses, algorithms offer plenty of assistance to help people express themselves. Aaron Schecter But new research from the University of Georgia shows people who rely on computer algorithms for assistance with language-related, […]

Upcyling a 40-year-old Tandy Model 100 Portable Computer

Elva Mankin

The world of magic had Houdini, who pioneered tricks that are still performed today. And data compression has Jacob Ziv. In 1977, Ziv, working with Abraham Lempel, published the equivalent of Houdini on Magic: a paper in the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory titled “A Universal Algorithm for Sequential Data […]

You Can Finally Use Snapchat on Your Computer

Elva Mankin

Snapchat is the rare social media app that never made the jump from mobile to desktop. Instagram has a web app, WhatsApp has a desktop app, but, until now, you always needed your phone by your side if you wanted to Snap. Starting today, though, you can pick up those […]

Suffolk races to pay nonprofits after computer shutdown

Elva Mankin

Suffolk County officials on Thursday were working to send out paper checks to pay county vendors — with nonprofits contracted to perform social services a high priority — following the shutdown of county systems after a malware attack, county Comptroller John M. Kennedy Jr. told Newsday. “We will address most immediate and critical […]

Why do computers get more powerful, but cost the same?

Elva Mankin

This is just one of the stories from our “I’ve Always Wondered” series, where we tackle all of your questions about the world of business, no matter how big or small. Ever wondered if recycling is worth it? Or how store brands stack up against name brands? Check out more from the series here. […]

Banned US Computer Chips in High Demand in China

Elva Mankin

Some of China’s top research and educational organizations depend on U.S. computing chips that have export restrictions on them, news reports say. U.S.-based chip maker Nvidia said last week it had been told by American officials it could no longer export two top computer chips to China, Hong Kong or […]