Comcast shut off Internet to hundreds, saying they were illegally connected

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A Comcast/NBC logo.

Comcast says that a broadband reseller illegally sold Comcast Internet service in residential buildings in the Denver area and has terminated the connections to those buildings.

As reported by Denver7 this week, the shutoff affected hundreds of people who live in buildings serviced by AlphaWiFi, “which installs and services Internet in approximately 90 apartment buildings across Denver.” The shutoff came as a surprise to residents, including Kaley Warren, who has been working at home during the pandemic.

“It is my entire lifeline,” said Warren, who said that without warning last Friday, her Internet service disappeared. “I felt lost. It was truly the first time during the pandemic that I… had the feeling of ‘What am I supposed to do?'”

When contacted by Ars, a Comcast spokesperson said that “AlphaWiFi is under a standard commercial agreement which expressly prohibits the resale of Comcast services.” Comcast did not answer questions about how

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Widespread Internet Outage Affects CenturyLink Subscribers

Elva Mankin

CenturyLink subscribers were affected by a widespread internet outage across the U.S. on Sunday morning.

Over 10,000 CenturyLink subscribers reported problems, according to Out of the reports, 96% were related to internet services, with the most reported locations including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, Portland, and Miami.

Amazon Web Services’ Giorgio Bonfiglio pointed out the CenturyLink service outage, which is apparently also affecting parts of Europe.

CenturyLink was able to correct the issue within a few hours, apologizing for the incident on Twitter:

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Back-to-School Help for Students Without Internet

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For Marcy Gage, getting decent broadband service for her home has been a 15-year battle. Because of her location in rural Maine, she’s had to rely on expensive-yet-spotty satellite internet because the local cable company stopped laying lines about 2,000 feet from her house.

According to Charter/Spectrum, the cost to run that extra length was $60,000, well above what Gage can afford to pay. And the special “pandemic” rate she’s now getting from her satellite company concludes in September. Instead of $26 a month, she’ll have to pay $75 for the same below-par service, or $200 a month to get rid of the data cap.

In the interim, she is working from home, sharing an internet connection that regularly tops out at 5 to 7 Mbps with her middle-school-age son, who’s about to start remote classes. “We can’t both

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Cottagecore is all over the internet. Here’s where to experience it in California

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 <span class="copyright">(Ross May / Los Angeles Times; Getty Images)</span>
(Ross May / Los Angeles Times; Getty Images)

A picnic lunch surrounded by rolling hills. Bouquets of wildflowers and baby barn animals. Not a laptop or cellphone in sight.

If this imagery is soothing to you, you’re not alone. Welcome to cottagecore, a sunny corner of the internet where you can immerse yourself in an idealized, rose-tinted version of country living. Think Taylor Swift posing among the brambles in her latest album art, the Weasley family’s shabby-chic home and gnome-infested garden in the “Harry Potter” series and, of course, “Little House on the Prairie” (minus the grasshopper plague that destroys Pa’s harvest).

Despite a surface-level omission of modern technology, cottagecore has proliferated on TikTok and other online platforms — and is generating headlines. Just last week, an Agence France-Presse story posited that cottagecore is “poised to overtake hygge as the biggest lifestyle trend of the post-coronavirus era.”

It’s no surprise

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Trump moves on China apps may create new internet ‘firewall’

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A ban by President Donald Trump’s administration on Chinese mobile apps such as TikTok and WeChat risks fragmenting an already fragile global internet and creating an American version of China’s “Great Firewall.”

Fears about the global internet ecosystem intensified this week with Trump’s executive orders banning the popular video app TikTok and Chinese social network WeChat, following a US government directive to prohibit the use of other “untrusted” applications and services from China.

The restrictions announced on the basis of what Trump called national security threats move further away from the long-promoted American ideal of a global, open internet and could invite other countries to follow suit, analysts said.

“It’s really an attempt to fragment the internet and the global information society along US and Chinese lines, and shut China out of the information economy,” said Milton Mueller, a Georgia Tech University professor and founder of the Internet Governance Project.

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Teachers Support Online Classes, Worry About Internet Access

Elva Mankin

PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, MD — Teachers rejoiced when the school system announced that classes would be online until at least January. The Prince George’s County Educators’ Association, a local teachers union, voiced its support on Thursday.

“Our members have been very clear that they are most comfortable continuing to use and develop distance learning strategies,” union President Theresa Mitchell Dudley said in press release.

The teachers’ support comes the day after the school system said distance learning will continue until at least Jan. 29. Classes will start on Aug. 31.

Earlier this week, the state teachers’ union and PTA said they prefer to start the fall semester with virtual learning. Prince George’s County is the second in Maryland to commit to starting the school year online. Montgomery County was the first.

Prince George’s County schools have been closed since the state superintendent, Karen Salmon, shut down all Maryland public schools

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‘Me and You and Everyone We Know’ Is Still One of the Best Movies About the Internet

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Miranda July’s “Me and You and Everyone We Know” premiered at Sundance in late January 2005, a few short weeks before YouTube went live on Valentine’s Day the following month. MySpace was in its infancy, Twitter hadn’t even been conceived, and Facebook was still new enough that most people just used it to “poke” strangers they didn’t have the courage to wave at in class.

While Paul Haggis’ “Crash” typified the kind of movies people were making about modern dislocation (read: self-absolving security blankets that wanted you to think a little irony would be enough to erase society’s oldest stains), Miranda July’s first feature poked its head into arthouse theaters with the prognosis to a problem that most of us hadn’t been able to put a finger on yet. July’s debut feature wasn’t the first movie about the internet (a sub-genre that had

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Google internet balloons sent into the air in Kenya to provide 4G from the sky

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Visitors stand next to a high altitude WiFi internet hub, a Google Project Loon balloon, on display at the Airforce Museum in Christchurch on June 16, 2013: AFP PHOTO / MARTY MELVILLE
Visitors stand next to a high altitude WiFi internet hub, a Google Project Loon balloon, on display at the Airforce Museum in Christchurch on June 16, 2013: AFP PHOTO / MARTY MELVILLE

Google-created, internet-enabled balloons have been sent to the edge of space, in order to provide internet in Kenya.

The technology aims to allow people who are either underserved or entirely unserved by current internet infrastructure to be able to get online, by sending out connections over a span of 31,000 square miles.

There will eventually be 35 of the solar-powered balloons hovering over Africa, with solar power allowing them to hover in the air like floating cellphone towers.

The technology is run by Loon, which is owned by Google’s parent company, Alphabet. It began as one of Google’s many “moonshots”, with initial versions created out of beer coolers and WiFi routers.

But Loon has gradually expanded and is

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The Importance Of Internet Database Development

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I am positive that you’ve got heard the radio commercials speaking about as the brand new can’t miss residence primarily based enterprise alternative. I tried using the web browser speed check and each time I did it I had conflicting )benchmark) outcomes. Your greatest guess when selecting an internet design firm is to have a nose to nose meeting when discussing what it’s you wish to have your website seem like , additionally some sketches and some addresses of websites that you just like.

To make this build more highly effective, put on tools that has probability to solid hearth kind spells each time you deal injury. Some net design corporations love Flash and all the time build Flash websites. I like films but had not heard of most of those websites earlier than.

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The Significance Of Internet Database Improvement

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The way to create a business website is a vital question to ask if you’re seeking to construct an internet presence for your enterprise. Because the agreements exist already for your use of photographs on your website, I can not change the contracts you signed, but it’s something it’s essential to test subsequent time you organise for photos to be taken for your website. I spent numerous time on that site a number of years in the past, and I cherished it. Just to say: there are some older folks there (in their early to mid twenties) but they’re all very nice and everyone treats one another as a pal.

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