Reasons why your laptop is overheating

Elva Mankin

Reasons why your laptop is overheating

Overheating is a common problem among computer users. it causes the computer to frequently shut down and this can be frustrating. As a result, you will be less productive and the internal components of your computer are at the risk of facing irreversible damage. If you don’t take actions to correct this as soon as possible, you are likely to lose your computer. The first step is to know the reasons why your computer is overheating and avoid them. Here are some:

Faulty cooling fan and clogged heat sink

Every computer has a cooling fan which makes the operating system cooler. Any fault with the cooling fan results in hardware failure; the CPU is especially prone to this. The temperature of the CPU rises and it is likely to lead to the damage of other hardware parts as well. As such, your computer will be displaying error messages and shutting down frequently. You have to replace the cooling unit in this case. You can read electronic stores reviews such as reviews about Tecobuy to know if they sell computer cooling fan as well as if they are a reliable company to buy from. Also, the heat sink, which is the second part of the CPU, misbehaves when it is clogged. Its function is to draw away the processor’s heat but dust and other particles can get into it and make it clogged. As such, the CPU will heat up easily.

Advanced operating system and blocked air vents

Software issues can also cause your laptop to overheat. Using an advanced operating system that is not compatible with your computer is a disaster. You need to know the upgrades your computer qualifies for before you install any advanced software program on it. Also, if the air vents of your computer are blocked, you will have overheating issues. The air vents are the parts of the computer where you feel hot air blowing anytime you are using the computer. This is especially caused by using the computer on soft surfaces such as your bed or laps. Blocked air vents make excessive heat to build up inside your computer with no means of escape.

Hot environment and overcharging your laptop

The environment in which you use your computer plays a big deal. If it is hot, your computer’s internal temperature is likely to be hot. For instance, you cannit compare the temperature of a hot room with a room powered by the air conditioner; you will feel hotter in one than the other. The same goes for your computer. Also, overcharging your computer causes it to overheat. This is the same for any device. Batteries of any device have finite charging cycles and automatically stops charging when it is 100%. Only charge your laptop when it is proper for you to do so.

Once you have realized what makes computers to overheat, the next step is to identify the specific cause(s) troubling your computer and stop them. For instance, if you find that your computer overheats as a result of staying near the sunlight, you can find a cool place to stay and work on your computer. If the overheating persists after doing your best possible to stop it, see a computer engineer.

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