Programming: The Job to look out for in 2020

Elva Mankin

Every IT and software industry has professional programmers who are responsible for ensuring that their programs run smoothly. Usually, a programming language is the most vital tool for software developers to write a code successfully. While online review sites such as ReviewsBird, offer online academies reviews, thus enabling one to find reputable programming academies. Another confusing option that newbie programmers and developers will find hard is selecting the programming language to learn. There exist dozens of programming languages, and picking the perfect one can be tricky. You should consider many factors, including the job market, the language’s stability, the learning curving, and the salary that a particular language offer. Below are some of the tops programming languages that you can put into consideration.

1.  Python

This is a programming language that has been rated as one of the best by most programmers. It is a language that is easy to learn and provides a well-structured and clear code, making it robust enough to build stable applications. It can be used for desktop and web applications, machine learning, network servers, data science, and GUI-based desktop applications. Python programming language provides various frameworks, open-source libraries, and modules that ensure that application development is easy. For example, python provides Flask and Django popular libraries for web development and Keras, SciPY, and Tensorflow for data science applications. Though python has been in existence for quite some time, with the promising programming sector that 2020 offers, learning it is beneficial. It can help one get a freelance project quickly or even a full time job, thus ensuring that you build your career.

2.    Java

Java is one of the most prevalent programming languages for the server-side of application development. It is handy when it comes to android app development, as it can create platforms and programs that are highly functional. It is an object-oriented programming language that doesn’t have any particular hardware specifications, possesses a good security level, and can be managed easily. It is also easier to learn Java as compared to other programming languages such as C and C++. Over 90% of fortune 500 firms rely on Java for back-end project development and desktop applications. Java is a very stable language in the programming industry and isn’t showing any retiring signs explaining its position as one of the most desired programs in 2020 among programmers.

3.  Go

This is a programming language that is relatively new and mainly emphasizes simple scoping rules and vocabulary. It mixes object-oriented styles with the best aspects of functional programming. Go is the fastest-growing programming language, On Github and may soon replace languages such as C++ and Java. Several surveys have shown that Go is the fifth most chosen language among developers. This can be attributed to the fact that it  solves various issues such as slow execution and compilation in large distributed software systems. The speed advantage that accompanies Go has made it a critical component of cloud infrastructure. Thus if you are planning on working on an ecosystem that is server-less, then GO is the language to use.

4.    TypeScript

This is a superset of JavaScript and object-oriented language that was introduced to lengthen the capabilities of JS. It is a language that makes the process of maintaining and writing codes easy. It provides a full description of each of the code’s components and can be utilized to develop large applications with fewer errors and strict syntax. Additionally, it is a language that is easy to learn, and that is also well structured. It’s a prolonged toolbox that ensures the process of application development is quick. Owing to the benefits it provides, it is expected that in the future, it will be one of the most sought-after programming languages.

5.    JavaScript/ NodeJS

JavaScript is a language that is prevalent among developers working on the client’s-side and also server-side programming. It is compatible with various programming languages, permitting one to set up buttons, manage multimedia, and create animations. Owing to its regular annual updates and its high speed, this is a programming language that is a vital hit in the IT domain. Reputable companies such as PayPal, Netflix, Uber, and various other startups utilize JavaScript to come up with fast and secure dynamic webpages.

In conclusion, in today’s highly advanced technological world, learning programming is vital, and the above languages are some of the most important and sought for. Another essential aspect that one should have when programming is a high performing computer. One must ensure that the computer used for programming meets the set requirements of the particular language. One can shop for computers and laptops on sites such as Giztop.

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