Impact of COVID-19 on Professional services

Elva Mankin

Businesses all over the world have been impacted by novel coronavirus pandemic and everyone is trying new operational practices to adhere to new government rules and regulations considering the safety of the customers and their team.

Essential services were operating even during the lockdown. Even these businesses are looking to serve their customers in innovative ways while accepting payments. Retail stores are trying to sell their goods online since most of the customers prefer to stay home safe and secure. So these businesses are offering options to their customers such as to offer delivery, online ordering, and product pickups in order to keep their business on the go. Small businesses use online tools such as virtual terminals, online stores, hosted payment pages, etc.

What falls under the essential services category may vary by jurisdiction. You need to check with your local and federal government to determine to stay up to date on the latest rules and restrictions.

Under the professional services category businesses such as lawyers, paralegals, translators, insurance brokers, realtors, engineers, accountants, financial service providers, etc. are considered essential services and can continue to operate during this time.

In-Person Payments:

In case if you accept in-person payments take some precautions so that your staff as well as the customers remain safe. Make sure your staff cleans the terminal after each use while accepting in-person payments.

If you have a practice of cleaning the terminal between 2 customers it can help prevent the spread of germs from one person to the next. You can offer alternative options such as tap-and-pay, NFC payments, etc. so they can avoid touching PIN pad.

Also, you can consider accepting limited customers by giving them appointments. This can help maintain social distancing and avoid germs to spread. If there is a waiting room at your office, you can consider removing the seats temporarily so that people don’t sit on it and it reduces your burden of sanitizing. Or if seating is required make sure you keep the seats far away from each other.

Online Payments Or Phone Payments:

Consider consulting customers over the phone or video call. Also, payments can be temporarily switched to online payments or over the phone payment.

Once you complete the phone consultation you can accept payments via virtual terminal or you can even send them an invoice. A virtual terminal is pretty simple to use just ask for payment information over the phone and enter it in the virtual terminal and payment can be processed instantly.

In case if you prefer to send an invoice to your customers there will be a link in the email. The customer will simply click on the link and update payment information and the payment will be processed. You will receive a confirmation text as soon as the payment is processed.

These 2 options help in social distancing and there is no need for you to meet your customer face to face. Also the payment and customer information will be stored so that it helps you with easier payments in the future. Also send a receipt to your customer after the payment is processed so that they have the invoice.

Few tips to protect your business:

Listed below are few tips to help professional services businesses can make to adjust to the current situation:

Consider doing a phone or video consultation instead of face to face interaction

In case if you still meet your customers personally consider limiting the number of customers a day. For example, You can maybe see 1 customer in an hour so that you can sanitize the complete office before the next customer comes in.

Also, check with the customer if they feel well. In case if they are unwell check if they can reschedule the appointment.

Nobody can predict how long this pandemic will last and until then generosity and collaboration will help us overcome these challenges. At iPayTotal we understand our merchant’s situation and we have always been committed to sharing resources and knowledge that helps business owners.

If your need to accept credit card in-person or over the phone or online please contact iPayTotal we will be happy to help you. Call iPayTotal now…  Email us at [email protected] or call us at +44 800 5988. Or Apply here

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