Home Tech Advances coming up in 2021

Elva Mankin

Going home after a long day at work is a different story when you have a smart home. Science is building up a virtual assistant system that communicates as a man, and the vision is to make our homes perfect fits to solve all that come through us within a day. For example, if you had a bad day in the office, and you commanded your smart device in your home to make you happy by performing the programmed task, it will be a different result compared to the time you have to do it yourself. “Hey Smart, I had a bad day in the office.” This statement is enough to have great deliveries in your kitchen, bathroom, rooms, and other places in your home as far as the home tech advances are concerned.

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Smart Home

A smart home is not new today. However, the new advancement differs from the regular “command and action” features that are available in our homes. For example, you can use voice to control your smart devices to make an action in your stead. Maybe to adjust the curtain, warm the food, or make a call. Now, the new artificial intelligence advancement is making predication from our regular interactions. All is not “sci-fi” and smart home is growing large in the aspect of the smart bathroom, smart gym, among others.

Smart bathroom varies with customized toilet seats, to digital showers. And an option for a family to have unique bathroom settings.

The smart gym works with virtual instructors, which spots your moves even when you’re struggling with the workouts.

Smart lighting

Lighting is a new way to make your home delightful. Light has interactions with our feelings and mood changes. When you are feeling bad, it is easy to activate smart lighting to make a refreshing appearance when you are coming home. As mentioned earlier, your home is majorly the place you withdraw to when we have lots of things in mind. Smart lighting works with smartphones and other devices, and some have geo-location sensors; meaning they can access your location and light up when you are on your way home. So in another sense, you don’t have to do an “on/off” switch before you access lighting in your home. And the lighting system can access your mood and switch to colors that might brighten you up.

Smart locks

Smart locks are not the usual fingerprint and eye sensor seen in today’s security system. The new advancement is the use of drones as security means of monitoring homes and properties. Typically, cameras (CCTV) are fixed and those that are familiar with the road or home can avoid the cameras. However, a drone’s security system is typically different. The drones work with sensors. All of the properties/homes are built with sensors that are programmed on the drones. The drones are kept in a safe place. When the sensors are moved, the drone flies and monitors the sensor (in fact, it monitors the properties). So, instead of fixed CCTV cameras, drones are the next top-notch security.

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