Hidden functions on Instagram

Elva Mankin

Everyday the people who are using the social platform Instagram are posting around 5 million publications. Except for posting videos and selfies many companies and brands are using the platform as a strong marketing tool in order to reach more potential customers and increase their sales. No matter if you use Instagram for personal or business usage, the number of followers is one of the most important things. Everyone is trying to gain many followers, target the right audience and engage the public with the shared content. Instagram is one of the most popular social media and the business sector invests more and more money to promote their products. Some companies have already noticed the peoples’ desire of followers, so they started providing services such as – buying real followers on Instagram and buying Instagram likes and many more services that can help engaging the audience and gain many new followers.

However, the social platform has many hidden tricks you may not have heard about so in this article we are going to check some of the hidden functions and tricks on Instagram.

* Add and rule more than one profile on Instagram. Instagram allows its users to add and rule more than one profile on the platform. You can add a second or even third account by going on the application settings, then on the section that is named “Add account”. After clicking there, you should put the username and the password of the account you want to add as a second one. When it is all set up, in the downright corner you will see the profile picture of your accounts instead of the figure that is there generally. You can switch your accounts by clicking into the downright corner and the accounts will show up, you can choose the account you want to use by clicking on it.

* Filter the comments you are receiving by keywords. If you or your business come across some negative people and opinions you can restrict comments on a specific publication by filtering some keywords. In fact, if you want, you can turn off totally the comments for some of your publications. If you want to do that, go to the application settings– the comments section and there you will see that there is an option that allows you to restrict words that are considered offensive, moreover you can personalize your own list of restricted words in order to avoid negative engagement. If you don’t want to receive any comments on a publication – when you are about to post the publication, no matter a video or an image, when you are on the section for putting the location or description on the publication you should click on the tab “more settings” and choose the option “turn off comments”. If you do this, no one would be able to comment on this publication.

* Archive your publication instead of deleting them. I believe everyone has got into a situation where they publish a picture or a video and a day after that they don’t like it anymore. Well, instead of deleting the publication, you can archive it and after that only you would be able to see this publication and after a while if you decide that this publication is actually worthy you can unarchive it and the publication will appear in your main Instagram page again.

Well, we manage to get aware of some hidden tricks and functions that Instagram provides. Maybe you already knew some of these, but if not, I hope that this article will help you to use Instagram easily. In the next article we are going to learn some more functions, so stay tuned.

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