5 Things You Should Know About Managed Cloud Hosting

Elva Mankin

5 Things You Should Know About Managed Cloud Hosting

Among the web hosting services available today, Cloud Web Hosting is one of the fastest. It is a relatively newer hosting solution and is already touted to be the future of web hosting.

Cloud Hosting in India is really catching on, and there are already a number of hosting providers offering it. The Cloud Hosting providers in India offer it at competitive prices, making it a very attractive proposition, especially for new websites.

Managing Cloud Hosting can look to be an intimidating prospect if you do not have sufficient technical expertise. But it doesn’t matter if you do not have much technical know-how; you can always choose Managed Cloud Hosting. That way, your site gets one of the fastest and reliable hosting platforms, and you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of hosting.

Managed Cloud Hosting is a Cloud Hosting setup where critical hosting functionalities like server maintenance, regular upkeep, upgrades, updates, patch installations, etc., are taken care of by the web hosting provider. This allows you to leave the technicalities of the hosting to the provider and focus on growing your business.

Let’s look at five things you should know about Managed Cloud Hosting.

  1. It is fast

There is no difference in the performance between Unmanaged and Managed Cloud Hosting. Managed Cloud Hosting is equally fast, especially if it is an SSD Cloud Server. Cloud Hosting’s overall performance depends upon the quality of the infrastructure of Cloud Server providers. If you choose a provider with a good setup, your website will enjoy all the performance benefits that cloud hosting has to offer.

  1. You’ll receive help in migration

If you’re launching a new website on Cloud Hosting, it is relatively easy to set up. But if you’re transferring over from another hosting platform, the migration process can be tedious. There are a number of factors to consider, and one misstep can prove to be costly. With Managed Cloud Hosting, your hosting provider will migrate your website onto the new server without additional cost.

  1. Your site will be optimally configured

In Managed Cloud Hosting, your hosting provider handles all your site’s management and maintenance activities. With a team of experts in place, your provider configures your site for optimal performance so that you do not have to worry about the right settings for your website. The right setup will ensure that your website performs flawlessly and delivers a seamless user experience, and boosts SEO efforts.

  1. It is reliable

Reliability is a crucial factor in ensuring that your website offers a consistent user experience. If it experiences frequent outages and crashes, it will lose its credibility. Additionally, it will also be ignored by search engines as they would not want to promote an unreliable website. With Managed Cloud Hosting, you are assured of reliability as your provider takes care of timely updates and maintenance.

  1. You’ll get responsive support

Customer support is an important consideration for a stellar web hosting experience. In the absence of any technical expertise, you rely on your hosting provider’s technical team to resolve any issues that may arise. Timely intervention is as crucial as the quality of support. With Managed Cloud Hosting, support mobilises almost instantly. They take care of issues even before you could become aware of them.

Now that you know the basics of Managed Cloud Hosting, here are some of its top benefits:

Cloud hosting is an amazing hosting platform but Managed Cloud Hosting is even better. It may be slightly costlier, but it’s benefits far outweigh any additional costs.

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