5 Reasons Why Enterprises Prefer Cloud Hosting To Traditional Hosting

Elva Mankin

5 Reasons Why Enterprises Prefer Cloud Hosting To Traditional Hosting

Cloud services and virtualization have tremendously transformed the web hosting industry over the last few years. Out of other web hosting services, Cloud Hosting tops the CAGR projections with 18.3%

Traditional hosting servers like Shared and VPS are still the most popular and sought-out hosting solutions for businesses. However, a Cloud Hosting Server solution is considered the future of web hosting as more and more businesses shift towards its adoption.

It’s one of the advanced hosting solutions where your website data is stored on multiple servers. This makes Cloud Hosting providers deliver excellent speed, performance, data security, and scalability for your website.

In this article, we’ll learn more reasons why enterprises and businesses are increasingly preferring Cloud Hosting over traditional hosting.

Five reasons for the increasing popularity of Cloud Hosting

Cloud Server Hosting is gaining increasing popularity amongst enterprises, and here’s why.

1. Easy scalability

Scaling refers to adding more server resources like CPU cores and RAM. So, as your business gains more traction and reaches more customers–-your website will naturally require more resources to handle the increasing server requests.

This is where scalability becomes critical. Unfortunately, adding more resources takes time and gets complicated with traditional hosting, especially if your hosting provider didn’t leave any breathing space for your website’s growth.

On the contrary, with Cloud Server Hosting, you can instantly and easily add more resources within a click of a button—ensuring maximum website uptime.

2. Data redundancy

High data redundancy has to be another major reason for the growing popularity of Cloud Hosting.

Since your data is stored across multiple servers in this hosting environment through a process called data mirroring—you’ll have a data backup to sustain business continuity.

For instance, if your current server fails, crashes, or gets compromised due to cyberattacks—your website won’t lose any data, nor will it experience downtimes. This is because it’ll instantly be backed up by another server that has the data stored in it—to keep your website up and accessible for your visitors. But with traditional hosting, your data relies on a single server—posing greater risks of data losses.

3. Improved performance

Cloud Web Hosting also offers a competitive edge to its competing hosting services when it comes to performance.

Certain traditional hosting services like Shared Hosting, where multiple websites share common server space—come with many performance lags and issues.

Contrary to the Shared Hosting environment–-performance is guaranteed with Cloud Hosting. Moreover, many reliable hosting companies integrate advanced caching solutions and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure ultimate speed and performance.

4. Top-notch security

Cloud Hosting solutions offer maximum data security because of their unique cloud architecture, where the data is mirrored across multiple servers. This data fragmentation makes it difficult for hackers to access your website.

In addition, compared to traditional hosting, Cloud Hosting also ensures data encryption and all-around security against Man in the Middle (MiTM) attacks.

5. Cost-efficient

Last but not least, Cloud Hosting is gaining popularity for its affordability compared to other traditional hosting solutions like VPS and Dedicated Hosting.

With Cloud-based Hosting services, you get all the reliable web hosting services and features—performance, speed, uptime, security, scalability, and more at a much economical rate than other hosting services.


Cloud Hosting is a new-age hosting service that caters to every business needs and offers extreme reliability, scalability, performance, and security to aid the business’s growth.

So, whether you’re just starting with your web hosting journey or are an established blogger with a high-traffic website—opt for a suitable Cloud Hosting solution for your business.

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