5 Possible Reasons Why Your Laptop May Be Overheating

Elva Mankin

Laptop overheating might not sound like a pleasing situation, but unfortunately, all laptop users would be facing this problem sooner or later.

Laptop overheating is a daunting problem not only to the system’s hardware components, but also to its functionality. It was sourced on ReviewsBird.com that it causes your laptop to slow down, which could lead to its shut down amidst important work. It could also cause burns and other safety issues. This is why it is important to keep your system as cool as possible at all times.

Answers for why laptops overheat might vary due to some factors, but you might want to check out these most obvious causes of laptop overheat.

  • Placing Laptop Incorrectly

Many laptop users are not aware of this, but placing your laptop in a way that may be blocking the airflow through its air vent is a wrong thing to do. The air vent is made to let out air and also let in air for a cooling process. If the air is being restricted from making this exchange, your laptop might overheat. The best placement for your laptop is on a hard, flat and clean surface which will allow the free exchange of air to your laptop. Some laptop stands and in-built tray would help you ensure the best position while working and you can check out laptop cooler reviews for cooling pads too.

  • Blocked Laptop Exhaust Vent

These exhaust vents are either placed at the side of your laptop or the back. With time, your system might take up a significant amount of dust that might choke the air vents in the laptop. The heat generated from this process can be sensed gradually when using your laptop. So cleaning the air vent would be a good action to take at this point.

  • Room Temperature

If after airing out your laptop’s air vent, it still overheats, you would need to check its room temperature. The temperature of the surrounding where the laptop is being used can also cause overheating. Warmer temperature causes your laptop to heat up gradually, till it overheats. So you might want to change the surroundings where your laptop is being used.

  • Overcharge

This is the most common cause of overheating. A good number of people think when they leave their laptop to overcharge; they get their laptop excessively charged. But this is untrue. Leaving your system to overcharge results in built-up heat and eventually overheating. Henceforth, unplug your laptop when it signifies it is fully charged, to avoid problems.

  • Operating systems

Although it is not commonly heard of, there are cases where upgrading from one operating system to the other results in overheating. Windows 10 has been found to cause overheating in laptops that are not powerful enough to run them. And just like operating systems, new drivers can also cause overheating.


Understand that your laptop like every other electronic item needs proper care and maintenance. They don’t have to have a built up problem before having an engineer look into them. They do need supervision to ensure they are not building up bigger problems for you.

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