This week in Android: LG Wing teaser, Google Pixel 4a giveaway

Elva Mankin

LG Wing Gaming Leaked Image

Can it fly? No, but the LG Wing is looking pretty slick.

We got an exclusive first look at the new LG Wing, a typical looking modern smartphone until you flip out the second display, or maybe you flip out the main display to reveal the half-sized second display underneath, we’re still unclear on that. Regardless the action, LG seems to understand that we often need more than just one display, but maybe don’t need two full displays, the LG Wing could be a fantastic solution.

Personally, I wonder if this is not an entirely new one-piece phone, but maybe an attachment that will clamp onto future LG devices? I can’t but think of Moto Mods and LG Friends, just as a display and extra speaker this time. 

In other news, it’s been about a fortnight since Fortnite announced it’s intent to split ways from Apple and then split ways

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