One in seven young women receive revenge porn threats, finds Refuge survey

Elva Mankin

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One in seven young women have received threats that intimate photographs of them will be shared without their consent, according to a new survey.

Domestic violence charity Refuge conducted a survey of 2,060 people, including 282 women aged 18-34, and found that this age range are twice as likely than the general population to have sexual photos of themselves used against them as revenge porn.

Revenge porn – the act of “sharing private sexual materials with intent to cause distress” – has been illegal in England and Wales since 2015. In July 2017, it was announced it had become a criminal offence in Scotland, with perpetrators at risk of spending up to five years in prison.

The survey showed that of the one in 14 women overall who had been threatened with revenge porn, 72 per cent were threatened by a current or former partner and of these

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Elva Mankin

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