The Effects of Coronavirus Panic-Buying

Elva Mankin

For long-time residents of the United States, the sight of empty grocery store shelves is more than just a mere oddity. It’s mildly panic-inducing to be reminded that so much of your existence is inherently linked to certain inventory at your local Walmart or Kroger. The ultimate effect of the panic created by COVID-19 has resulted in a run on a wide variety of goods at stores across the country. From toilet paper to quick-dry yeast, people everywhere are finding themselves one step behind their neighbors when it comes to panic-buying.

It has also put an enormous infrastructure that feeds the entire country under a microscope, showing Americans the time and effort that goes into getting the goods they need onto those store shelves as efficiently as possible. You might never have given shipping logistics a moment’s thought before a few weeks ago, but staring at that steadily dwindling pile … Read More