Visualising tech billionaires’ wealth gains during the pandemic

Apple boss Tim Cook has joined the billionaire’s club after the coronavirus pandemic helped the technology giant’s share price hit record highs.

His new-found status comes just days after Mark Zuckerberg became the third member of the so-called “Centibillionaire Club” when his personal wealth rose to $100 billion (£76bn).

The Facebook co-founder follows Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates in reaching a 12-figure net worth, with the Amazon and Microsoft founders also seeing their fortunes rise considerably in recent months.

US tech billionaires now occupy seven places in the list of the top 10 wealthiest people in the world.

The wealth of Bezos in particular has shot up at an unprecedented rate, as lockdown orders around the world saw people turn to the online retailer for food and entertainment.

Since the start of the year he has increased his wealth by more than $75bn – more than the entire individual net

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Editorial: The TikTok ownership dance

Worries about the TikTok app's data collection could be eased if the Chinese-owned app was sold to Microsoft or another U.S. company. But American companies are ravenous collectors of user data too. <span class="copyright">(Getty Images)</span>
Worries about the TikTok app’s data collection could be eased if the Chinese-owned app was sold to Microsoft or another U.S. company. But American companies are ravenous collectors of user data too. (Getty Images)

Even before President Trump signed an executive order that could soon smother social network TikTok, Microsoft emerged as a potential savior for the U.S.-based but Chinese-owned video snacking service. Now, Twitter and several investment companies are also reportedly talking to TikTok’s owner, ByteDance, about possibly taking over the social network and keeping it going.

That may seem like sweet blessed relief to the network’s estimated 100 million active U.S. users and especially the entrepreneurs who have made a career out of TikTok videos. But while new, non-Chinese ownership would remove some privacy and security concerns, it would also highlight the weaknesses in U.S. law and the ongoing vulnerability of smartphone app users.

Invoking powers granted by

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HCPS Virtual Learning Plan Approved By Harford County Board Of Ed

HARFORD COUNTY, MD — The Harford County Board of Education approved the administration’s proposal at its meeting Monday night to hold the fall 2020–2021 semester online.

“Core elements” of the plan are fully virtual instructiond with the option of learning centers for in-person support, Harford County Public Schools Superintendent Sean Bulson said.

His plan was approved, 8-1, and the dissenting vote was cast by Tamera Rush, who represents the northern part of Harford County.

The vote on Bulson’s plan for virtual learning followed hours of school administrators fielding questions about logistics..

While a hybrid model with in-person and virtual instruction had been considered, Bulson said it would not be feasible to educate the over 37,000 Harford County students in that format.

“We were not going to be able to deliver logistically to provide a good instructional program” and deliver on safety, Bulson said.

Coronavirus data in recent months also showed

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How do the dating sites compare in the UK?

eharmony vs. EliteSingles: How do the dating sites compare in the UK?
eharmony vs. EliteSingles: How do the dating sites compare in the UK?

Online dating is great, but there’s a slight shudder factor attached to the practice now that everyone and their mother (literally) has some sort of profile.

The biggest advantage, obviously, is the potential to meet thousands of eligible singles who you likely wouldn’t have known existed otherwise. But whether those singles use their profile regularly or are even on it for the right reasons is another question — thus, the terrifying edge that can cause singles genuinely searching for the real thing to shy away from such a valuable tool.

SEE ALSO: Match vs. eharmony: Both are for serious relationships, but how do the dating sites compare in the UK?

When the dating pool is so deep, it’s important to narrow down your options to dating sites that are most likely to attract a very specific type of

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The difference between video game AI and real AI

Welcome to TNW’s beginner’s guide to AI. This multi-part feature should provide you with a very basic understanding of what AI is, what it can do, and how it works. The guide contains articles on (in order published) neural networks, computer vision, natural language processing, algorithms, and artificial general intelligence.

Among the most common misconceptions surrounding machine learning technology is the idea that video games dating back to the 1970s and 1980s had built-in “artificial intelligence” capable of interacting with a human user.

If you’re curious but in a hurry, video game “AI,” in the traditional sense, is not what people refer to in the modern era when they’re talking about artificial intelligence. The “bots” in an online multiplayer game, the enemies in a first-person-shooter, and the CPU-controlled characters in old-school Nintendo games are not examples of artificial intelligence, they’re just clever programming tricks.


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How a Decentralized Randomness Beacon Could Boost Cryptographic Security

Key takeaways:

  • The League of Entropy is launching the first production-ready version of drand, a network that produces “randomness” (also known as entropy) for anyone to use.
  • Randomness is essential to cryptographic security.
  • Filecoin is the first protocol to use this version of drand in its upcoming mainnet launch to create decentralized, verifiable randomness for “leader selection.”

A novel cryptography piece, which could be of help to many cryptocurrency projects, is officially launching in production today.

The League of Entropy, which was launched last year, is opening the first production-ready version of drand, a network that produces “randomness” (also known as entropy) for anyone to use. Cryptography uses math and puzzles to secure communication in a way that snoops can’t untangle. Randomness is an essential piece of cryptography that ensures security by adding unpredictable information to the mix. 

What is entropy (or randomness)?

Related: 4 Experts Agree: Craig Wright’s Latest

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The 5 best Amazon deals you can get this Monday

Snag these top-rated gadgets at unbeatable prices.
Snag these top-rated gadgets at unbeatable prices.

— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

Mondays are always a bit of a drag, but luckily, there is a silver lining: the ability to save money with all the best Amazon deals! Each day, we scour the internet to supply our readers with the biggest price drops and can’t-miss discounts that pop up on the site to help take the guess work out of deal hunting for you, and the start of the week is no exception. After all, there’s nothing like a little online shopping to help make the day fly by.

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Today, we found some fantastically marked-down goods, including some of our favorite Instant Pots, top-rated stick vacuums, patio

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Here are 10 Pairs to Pick Up Online

The right pair of workout shorts won’t just improve your performance at the gym – they could actually motivate you to break a sweat (even if the gym is now your backyard). Plus, it never hurts to look good while you workout, and of course comfort is always key when you’re on the run or move.

Workout shorts are one of the fastest-evolving pieces of clothing in terms of technology, so the list of the best shorts for working out is constantly changing. However, keeping up with gym gear evolution is essential for staying at the top of your game – whether that’s heavy lifting, HIIT training, crossfit or cardio. The best pairs of workout shorts will wick sweat, prevent chafing and allow you to push yourself to the max. Some workout shorts also boast convenient features such as pockets for your smartphone, keys and other essentials.

More from Rolling

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How moms are coping right now, from online therapy to forest bathing

Staying at home is a small sacrifice during the coronavirus pandemic, but it’s not without its challenges. How does one ward off loneliness in the absence of community? What can we do to keep anxiety at bay during such an emotionally fraught time? How do we fill the hours stretching out before us, and use this time to make connections, pursue long-neglected hobbies and discover new ones, and inject a little positivity and calm into our everyday lives?

Introducing The Unwind, a new, recurring feature in which Yahoo staffers share the ways we’re finding moments of peace, levity and inspiration during these trying times. From adopting soothing strategies that boost our mental health, to losing ourselves in virtual social calls, newfound passions and other joyous diversions, these are the things getting us through the quarantine. The days may feel uncertain, but beauty and bright spots abound.

As we reach

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Duke Realty Signs Lease with Optoro, Facility 100% Occupied

Duke Realty Corp. DRE has been witnessing solid demand for its logistic facilities in the Nashville metro area. The company recently clinched a lease deal for 207,518 square feet of space in Park 840 West 14840 in Lebanon, TN, with the returns technology company Optoro, Inc.

With the latest lease, this 653,460-square-foot logistics building, which is just off I-840 at Highway 109, has achieved full occupancy. It highlights the elevated demand for modern Class A facilities. With the property being positioned east of downtown Nashville and within minutes of I-40, I-24 and I-65, it serves as an efficient and convenient one for making distribution throughout the Southern United States as well as the rest of the nation.

Amid the e-commerce boom, the industrial real estate asset category has continued to play a key role, transforming the way how consumers shop and receive their goods. Services like same-day delivery are gaining

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